Hello and welcome to the offical homepage of GstSoftware, my name is Gavin Turner from New Zealand. Here you can download examples of the computer programs I have created. If you would like to report any bugs then you can do so here send me a message. Follow me on Twitter to get update reports and news on my software.

These are my copyright programs, please repect this and do not distribute my software Link to this homepage instead.

DSVZ200 Dick Smith VZ200, updated 28 July 2014
Grand Prix screenshot DSVZ200 is an emulator that I wrote in X86 assembler using FASM. This program emulates the VZ200 and VZ300 with disk drives and printer. Features include a Z80 assembler, hex editor, printer sound effects, generation of wav audio that can be played into the real computer for loading via the cassette port, only requiring a standard stereo audio cable allowing you to transfer programs to the real computer without any special hardware.
Emulator2001 Arcadia2001, updated 2 June 2013
Grand Prix screenshot Emulator2001 is an emulator that I wrote after coming across this obscure looking console complete with a library of boxed ROM cartridges. This console has been discovered all over the world under many names, in New Zealand it was badged as the Tunix, but is most commonly referred to as an Arcadia 2001
MacArcadia Arcadia2001, Unreleased
Grand Prix screenshot This is my Macintosh port of Emulator2001, requires "Snow Leopard" or greater. A work in progress so not yet available, it does work on my MacBook but im working on a new version of both this and Emulator2001, and will release them together.


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