Hello and welcome to the offical homepage of GSTsoftware, my name is Gavin Turner from New Zealand. Here you can download examples of the computer programs I have created. If you would like to report any bugs or make contact then you can do so here send me a message. Follow me on Twitter to get update reports and news on my software.

DSVZ200 Dick Smith VZ200, updated 28 July 2014
Grand Prix screenshot DSVZ200 is an emulator that I wrote in X86 assembler using FASM. This program emulates the VZ200 and VZ300 with floppy drives and printer. Sound effects are generated for the drives and dot matrix printer also software can be transferred to the real computer through the cassette port requiring only a standard stereo audio cable.
iArcadia Arcadia2001, 17 September 2014
Grand Prix screenshot This is my Intel Macintosh port of Emulator2001, the minimum OS requirement is Snow Leopard OS X v10.6

* Available soon for download.
Apple OS X


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